Face to Face 2019


International Project of Encounter for young Israelis, Palestinians and Germans

17th – 25th September 2019 DJH Rotenberg Germany

18 students from Israel, Palestine and Germany

Facilitator: Antwan Saca (Palestine), Yasmin Rimer (Israel), Sophie von Waitz (Germany)

International FAB-Facilitation team: Achmed Helou, Avner Dinur, Andreas Beier

Organisation: Kobi Tor, Doro Oelrich

Film documentation: Gerburg Rohde-Dahl



I think it is absolutely necessary that every Israeli will meet a Palestinian and talk. It is also absolutely necessary that every Palestinian will meet an Israeli and talk. I'm talking about the simple people like me, who are willing to listen in spite of all what the media and the leaders fed us with. I heard in this week so many stories, of a Palestinian from the “Hamas” who spent seven months in Israeli Jail and didn’t lose hope for dialogue, and one who was tortured and sent to prison based on no evidence, and was released after a few months because the authorities realized they got the wrong guy, and I heard many more extremely hard cases. If they didn’t lose hope, let's all give it a chance. Only then you will be able to construct a realistic and sensible opinion on the reality around us and on the whole other world so near us, that most of us didn’t know it exists. To make it short – we should never come to conclusions without meeting the truth, Face to Face!    An Israeli participant



I think for me this seminar had been really a roller coaster of imports and feelings and I definitively will go home things to unpack. I am really happy that I had the chance to meet you all in a way we don’t usually meet in daily life. I am sad to go home to where we live, so I want to keep the memory.     A German participant


I am coming here not to a honey seminar. I am coming here to talk about conflicts, about my feelings, to talk with my enemy. To try to talk about myself, to try to tell them about me, how I am suffering under occupation. I will face new people, because I believe in hope. I believe in future, and I can see the candle. Ok, it is away from me, but I see it. I will do my best to reach my hope, to reach this candle. To try to make it growing to my people. To my family. To my generation. If I give up, that’s my death, and that’s what will not happen to me. In this seminar here I got a lot of encourage, because of you guys. I will invite myself to call you and to make connection with you. Because I feel, one week is not enough to know all of you.    A Palestinian participant