Sapir College


Sapir’s academic departments offer uniquely innovative courses designed specifically to enable graduates to integrate into a constantly evolving job market. Sapir's special programs combine university level theoretical studies alongside courses designed specifically to provide training in the world of business, finance and industry. Sapir is famous for its school of comunication studies art and cinema. Sapir's "unit for social envolvment and change" is a leading element in many social projects in the area.  A few of the leading Israely members of FAB teach in Sapir and a few of the students that studied in FAB's training come from Sapir.


Other Voice (Die Andere Stimme)


For more then 10 years, the Gaza-Sderot region has known war and despair. Other Voice – a grassroots volunteer initiative comprised of citizens from the communities bordering the Gaza border – knows that our violent reality can and must be altered. "Other Voice" works to keep in contact between Israelis in Sderot and the area and people from Gaza. Other Voice call's for an end to the siege and for an end to the attacks from both sides, that target primarily innocent citizens.


Neubrandenburg University


The Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences has a total of 2300 students in four departments. The university offers courses in ten different subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Research projects, practical placements and dissertations help students to obtain management or scientific research skills which they can put to good use in their future professions.


The university views itself as a multidisciplinary campus-based university combining various engineering sciences and social and health sciences disciplines within a clear communication framework - it includes teaching and research for all practical fields of social work and intervention, training and education outside the classroom, as well as the economy and management of non-profit institutions, thus enabling students to tackle issues and problem solutions that broaden their individual scientific horizon. The university is viewing itself as a link between regional and international expert groups.

Holy Land Trust


Holy Land Trust works towards the achievement of lasting and just peace in the Holy Land that transcends political solutions and directly addresses the core causes of threat, violence, and oppression. It is a peace that in its essence is founded on honoring the sanctity of the Holy Land and guarantees the rights of all peoples and communities, without exception, to live free from fear and in equality, justice, respect and trust.